Finding your passion takes a lot of hard work. It tends to not just fall into your lap, and even then it takes a lot of time to nurture what you have. Crow Creek Designs, and the Jess Crow brand have been a cathartic process for me. Through complex situations, and almost shutting CCD down, I have learned how to pivot with the ever changing world. 

Welcome to my little slice of the world. This section contains the "why" behind Crow Creek Designs. 

Hey there!

Located in Alaska, Jess created Crow Creek Designs, a woman-owned and run woodworking shop and quickly establishing herself as one of the leading authorities in artistic woodworking and epoxy. 

With forays in other areas of art-- bead work photography and print, Jess has cultivated her passion for designing and creating that blends woodworking and epoxy. Her designs have caught the eyes of notable people like Team Gary Vaynerchuk in New York, LinkedIn, as well as Insider, DIY Network and many more.

Jess worked with TotalBoat epoxies to create a white label high-end epoxy resin for use in art and furniture design. MakerPoxy is currently available nationwide through Amazon and James Town Distributors.


C. Churchill

"Wild hearts find a home in every place they roam."